In the end we win/

Years ago when I was a young teenager, My father did a sermon in which he told a story about a little boy.  The little boy was reading a book about superheros and villains.  Somewhere around the middle the villain was running the show.  He was tearing into the hero with a vengeance that looked like it was going to be the end.  The little boy was upset by this, his shoulders were tense, his mouth was cast down in a frown that looks as if his heart was breaking. He turned to the last pages of the book, read quickly and turned back to the section he was reading.  As he began to read this time the villain is still making processed meat of the hero but the boy seems to be more relaxed.  He reads a bit and then lets out a confident laugh “haha in the end we win”

Our lives are just like this story sometimes it seems as if all the evils of this world are attacking us and or countenance is cast down.  We are being ripped apart by the villans claws, we are being tricked by the villains mesmerizing lies and deceits.  We stand in this space where it seems we are doomed to lose this battle for our souls.  But I have read the last few pages of my story and know the author of yours, I will tell you “In the end WE WIN’.


~ by adjoapacheco on December 7, 2011.

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