Made in the image of God

The bible say that God made man in the image of himself.  That sounds really awesome.  I mean I knew all my life that there was something God like in my mirror. When I was old enough to read it in the Bible, I knew I had been right all along.  Now when I look into the mirror and I see myself I say you are such a beautiful God creature.  Some think that saying I am a God creature makes me blasphemous but I know that this is not so because I am called a daughter of God.  I sprang from his mind and he knew before my birth what I was to look like so that is why I can like myself more than the average person.  I know that when God looks down on me he says to his Angels there is a woman made in my image.  Her lips are full, her eyes are big and her skin well is a mixture of the mud from the Nile and the stars in the sky.  When God looks down on on me he says to himself, “this is good”. 
    Some one recently said that I was racist for saying that my Santa is black and my Jesus is black.  However Since I am made in the image of God I imagine that he looks like me and thus his son also has some of my features.  As for my Santa his name was Dennis L Waters Sr.  he is black and he is the only Santa that ever came to my house.  In the movie THE TOOTH FAIRY, The Roc plays the tooth fairy.  He is not a pretend tooth fairy he is a real tooth fairy and he is one of many tooth fairies.  No one got upset because the tooth fairy became a man and wore tights.  We took our children to see the movie in the theaters.  We laughed at the screen and we had fun.  So it should be when I stat that my Santa is black.  My Santa is one of millions of Santas in this world and he does his job just as well as any other Santa you may know.  As children we teach children to embrace possibility so why not just offer the possibility that Santa is a name just like James Bond it comes with the suit.  My sons Santa this year was Puerto Rican and he looked like a very handsome man I know but on Christmas Eve at 11:30 his name was Kris Kringle, St. Nick, Sinterklaus or Santa Claus.  Each child should know that any Santa Claus they see in the home is the real Santa Claus and for anyone to say differently is selfish and insensitive and wrong. 

  My husband is the real Santa my father is the real Santa, My grandfather was my hero and my brothers are Champions.  My Son is my littlest God creature and I am perfectly imperfect waiting on my Savior no matter what he looks like (he looks just like me) to take me home to be with my Father, where race and color no longer will even matter although I think even God agrees that the darker the berry the sweeter the juice.


~ by adjoapacheco on January 6, 2011.

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