My Santa is Black, My Jesus is Black, My easter Bunny well he is pink but I will make him black too

What if Santa in my imagination looks like me and not like you?  What if he isn’t white?  What if in the imagination of one child or in the homes of 42,000,000 people Santa Claus was a dark-skinned man with no rosy cheeks just a kind heart and a sweet smile? Would you tell your children of the wonderful things he does?  Would you tell of how he loves all the children in the world and brings presents?  Would You leave the chimney open when you knew he was coming?  Would you leave your shot-gun behind the bed when his dark hand reached down to leave a present.  Could you imagine a world the way I see it where the super heroes look like my people and less like yours? 

If your Jesus were different from what you imagined would you be able to serve him.  If Jesus where not the brown-haired blue-eyed white man who so many people  see could you abase yourself in front of him?  If Jesus came to your house and he looked like my son grown up, could you smile and thank him for dying on the cross for you?  Could you say to yourself this brown-skinned man died, so that I can live?  Could you do as Mary Magdalene  did and bow down and wash the dark brown toes of Jesus.  I am not trying to say that Jesus is Black even if history and genealogy could tell you that he was a melting pot of races and ethnicities in one body.  I just want to give you something to think about.  If we all say we are not racist or prejudiced against people and yet find it hard to accept Barrack Obama as president, could you thank my saviour for being your saviour, even if he looks more like my people than your people want to believe?


~ by adjoapacheco on January 3, 2011.

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