Woman are you thirsty

Today I lay in bed in tears I thought about the woman at the well.  The woman at the well was not an evil woman, she was not vile or disgusting, she didn’t have worts or any deformity.  She was just a woman at a well.  She was a woman who had spent her life searching for a perfect pair of pants.  She had found  a few pairs.  None of them fit.  The woman at the well was not a whore or a slut.  She was a good woman.  SHe had a good job and good children.  Her friends loved her they loved to be in her company.  Yes there were  people who despised her but for the most part she was a respectable woman.  So why had she not found her perfect pair of pants.  The pants that people called the power pants.  Her first pair of pants had fit her so well they made her feel perfect she had worn them with pride and washed them in the gentle cycle.  So why had the pants been destroyed on the rocks leaving her exposed.  Yes she had been wearing the pants when they wore torn from her body as easily as you would tear a sheet of paper.  She believed that maybe the pants she bought were just to flimsy.  So she went in search of another pair.  Each time she would  go for it and  the pants would get ripped  away leaving her uncovered the pants all just didn’t last.  She had never once thought that it was she that had the problem, it was the pants.  After a while of wearing pants that ripped at the tide, she decided it was dumb to waste money on a useless product such as pants.  So she begin to go around and steal pants from her neighbors.  I mean the pants were going to rip eventually anyway might as well rip while she was wearing them and she could see what lay in the pockets for her to pillage.  So she did this for a while but soon she realized that wearing other peoples pants was just not healthy.  Sometimes people didn’t wash the pants so they stunk to high heaven.  Sometimes the detergent made her itch, this was the case when she came to the well that morning.  She had borrowed some pants with the intention of returning them but her skin was itching and she ripped them off threw on a tunic and ran to the well to get water before her friends could get up and see the little allergy bumps forming on her skin.  she would wash and drink enough water to cleanse her inside and then she would go back home and do the same thing over tomorrow. She was just about to drop the bucket when she saw a light.  As she went to the light she realized she didn’t itch anymore, inside or outside.  What a strange light.  Once she reached it she realized it was a man with a ladle in his hand.  “Are you thirsty?” the man asked.  Her throat felt like parchment paper but she was unable to move.  “You are the one they call well jumper” he said. You come here every morning to wash the scent of the pants you have stolen away.  You have already had five pairs that did not fit but now you don’t care you will wear any pants.  She started to tell this man that he did not know anything about her and leave but when she turned her back to him the itch and the longing returned.  So instead she said what do you know of my life and my struggles?  What can you do for me?  I can give you cloth that will never rip. Yeah right she thought.  What kind of cloth never rips?  Well I like to call it Utter trust. he said.  When it comes time to put another pair of pants but this cloth between you and the pants and you will be fine.  You mean the pants will not rip.  I mean you will not be exposed.  This cloth will protect you from broken pants. oh she said thoughtfully.  Are you thirsty he said again.  This time she drinks


~ by adjoapacheco on April 30, 2010.

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