The Perfect “Pants”

All my life I have searched for the perfect pants.  The pants that were just meant for me.  I would look around at everyone else walking by in their pants.  I would see the way the pants fit their curves and accented their features.  I would see them in their perfect pants and wonder where I could get a pair just like them.  However the perfect pair of pants seemed a well-kept secret because those that had them seemed unwilling or unable to tell me where to get them from.  One day I looked around in my mothers closet and I saw her perfect pair of pants. ” You have a pair” I exclaimed to my mother, where did you get them?  She laughed and said nothing.  So I continued my quest.  It was different now, for I had seen the perfect pair of pants up close and I knew what they looked like.  I was so excited to be on the hunt…. for the perfect pants.  Each day I went out looking and searching high and low.  Sometimes I went lower than low but still did not find the perfect pair of pants.  I began to feel hopeless, I would never find my match…in pants.  I decided that I would just learn to be content with what I had. Lovely jeans, in all styles and colors and they fit almost the way I wanted them to.  So I quit after what seemed like a life long quest I  just gave up and said I would not look anymore.  Then one day I looked in a shop just window shopping not even trying to buy anything and there on a clearance rack was my perfect pair of pants.  It seems that someone else had taken my pants home by accident.  She had worn them a couple of times and then decided these were not her perfect pair so she brought them back to the store.  The store was now selling my perfect pants for 10% off which left them right between to expensive and priceless.  I’ didnt have the cash so I thought I should just leave them there and pray that they were there when I had the money.  A little voice inside my head said buy the pants or you will regret it.  I am not a shopaholic and since I had already given up the quest I knew in my spirit that this was the voice of a higher power so I took the pants home.  I showed them to my mother.  She smiled.  “Do you like them” I asked?  “Yes they are lovely.  They fit so well”.  We should wear our pants together I told her.  Her smile faded and she said.  “The reason no woman will tell you where to get your perfect pair is because each perfect pair has a flaw.”  “What do you mean a flaw” I said.  “You will find out sooner or later but there will be a flaw.”  “Well what do you do with the flaw” I asked.  “Well” mom said “some women patch the flaw.  Some woman hide the flaw, some women accept the flaw and some women never even see the flaw.  Then there are those of us who have no choice but to discard the pants and start the search all over for another perfect pair of pants.”  “Mom they can not be perfect if they have a flaw.”  “They can be perfect for you” she replied “but don’t worry about that now the flaw may not show up for years”.  “For now enjoy your perfectly almost perfect pants. I know I did” she said and she walked away.  I stood with my pants, head bowed searching again but this time for the flaw.  Because if I can find it I can try to fix it before it is too late and I have to find a new pair of Perfect Pants.

However as I stood there searching for the flaw I had to wonder does anyone ever really want to find the flaw or is it better to just wait for the flaw in the pants to just show itself?


~ by adjoapacheco on April 29, 2010.

One Response to “The Perfect “Pants””

  1. the problem with the flaw is, it can never be fixed. The perfect pants only exist in your mind. They are only perfect to the one who can turn their head against the flaws, knowing that the almost perfect pants still look and feel better than any pair they have ever worn. What makes them seem perfect to the on-looker is the confidence a person has when they put them on!

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