You see the glass

If you see someone about to step on glass and say nothing is it the same thing as hurting the person?  If you see your family falling apart and say nothing to the responsible parties is it the same as confirming the need for divorce?  If you can try to stop tragedy and regret but choose not to try is it the same as causing catastrophe?  These are the things I think about.  Some people I know, very close to my blood line, are standing on a precipice.  I see them there,  there is glass at the bottom.  These two believe they can jump and soar except one has one wing and one has the other.  Without holding on to each other they are going to hit the ground with the broken glass and blood and regret will be everywhere.  Should I tell them?  Do I let them jump?  Do I simply sit back  and see the glass and do nothing?  Will I be held accountable for this behavior in judgment or is not my fault because it is not my life?


~ by adjoapacheco on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “You see the glass”

  1. All you can do is point out that there is glass. After that its up to them to bleed or avoid it.

  2. Yes, you do say something. Pray first, then speak. The reason you are asking these questions is because God is pushing through your heart. You wont be settled until you say what needs to be said through you.

    I always think of the day when Jesus returns. All of the things that I know & do not share. All of the decieved people I could have spoken peace to will look at me in horror…finally knowing what I know….and its too late for them…what a crime I will have committed.

    Love you girl! You’ll do what is in your heart. And I’m praying for you & your very fortunate friends. What a blessing for them to have someone like you in their lives.

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