Your muchness

I went to see Alice and Wonderland over the weekend. I will not say if the movie was good or bad because I am not here to give the movie rating or to advertise it.  However there was one line in the movie that made me think of life as adults.

You are not as much you, you have lost your muchness.  What in the world is muchness you want to know.  Muchness is the driving force behind your life.  The  will to be, to do, to become what you are to become.  As children we come into this world full of hopes and dreams and tons of muchness but somewhere along the way we began to stop the dreaming and focus in reality.  In this reality we lose our muchness.  Our muchness can be lost when a loved one dies, when we get our first bad report card, when its homecoming and we have no date, when our first true love breaks our heart, when we get our first out of college pay check, or it could just happen when we look around at the world around us and see that there is nothing dream worthy in it.  We don’t even notice that our muchness is fading.  One day you just open your eyes and it just isn’t there, the muchness has gone.  All that is left is the memory of it.  It is then that you have to force yourself to dream again.  You must go out and find your muchness don’t ever let your muchness fade away and stay away.  A life without muchness is no life at all.   And if you see someone who has no muchness or the muchness is fading tell them.  Remind them of what dreaming and muchness feels like.  Show them what it means to believe that you can do something impossible.  In life you must dream something no one thinks can happen in order for something to happen that everyone’s says could happen.  Find your muchness and become the dream.


~ by adjoapacheco on March 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Your muchness”

  1. adjoapacheco
    I liked ur writing
    yep there r many dreams which we shocked of looking at them break
    But we shoudl not give up
    we will dream and our dream will be in the reality

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