HE will carry you

FootstepsThere are times in everyone’s life that you just don’t want to be alone.  The loneliness feels like a prison and the walls are closing in and claustrophobia is knocking at your skin. I believe that this is how the girl in the picture in my dining room felt before the hands lifted her.  I believe that she felt sad and alone even in a crowded room full of laughter.  I can think of her sitting at the party with her head down wondering what is going to happen in my life. Will I be pretty?  Will I be loved, will I be special and unique?  Will I be someone to someone?  Now I am not saying she is nobody but on this night before the hands lift her, this is how she felt.  The day before she was fine and the days beyond she will be also but this night, this long night she feels fleeting and invisible and alone.  Then just when she thinks she can not take anymore she hears HIS voice, feels HIS touch, rocks in HIS embrace.  She feels like she is falling no more only flying and she flies past this night straight into the arms of the One who can hold her.HE can hold her and the burdens she carries but never speaks of.  HE is waiting there in the silence for her to see HIM and when she is ready HE is there.  It is then that HE carries you.


~ by adjoapacheco on March 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “HE will carry you”

  1. Awesome post.

  2. Incredible post. I can really relate to this right now (except, I am a male). Very well done. Good writing skills, and gorgeous picture. This really portrays the love of Jesus, and how when we are weary and tired from what the world has thrown at us, He will carry us. Blessings to you.

    -Micah A.


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