The lamps

Before I start I want to say Thank you to everyone that is reading my post.  I hope you are finding a little peaceful noise in my words.
I have two lamps in my house they look very elegant and they make the room come to life.  The produce lots of light,  when people come into my living room, where they are, they always want to know where they came from. I feel like I am great when this happens, I am the best interior decorator around.  I should go into business as such.  My head is getting bigger and bigger with all the amounts of praise these lamps get.  I have done a good thing, then after the praise there is always one question that follows.  I wait for this question for this question gives me the opportunity to testify of the wonderful paradoxes in life.  The question is ” Why are they different lamps”   Other questions may preceed such as, did they come from the same place, or did you buy them at the same time, or were these the only ones they had left?  The answer to these always leads up to Why are the lamps different”  My answer is simple because they should be.  When I bought the lamps I went in the store only thinking about my dark little room.  The room needed some lights.  I figured any light will do.  I walked in and was about to get the same lights so my home would be congruent.  I sometimes still think everything has to match in order to match.  Then something caught my eye there were two lamps that sat near each other, they were not just alike though they were obviously related.  They were both tall with the same colorings only one had a long lampshade that covered the whole lamp and the other a short lampshade that only seemed to cover the lightbulb.  I looked at them and then I thought of my house and my husband.  My husband and myself were like these lamps.  We were similar but vastly different.  So I walked out of the store with these lamps for this reason because I wanted something that reflected my relationship.
This lamps are now part of my peaceful noisy life and they don’t even make a sound.  Yet they scream at me and everyone else, we are different and yet some how we compliment each other.  That is how all life is.  I love the differences I have with others around me.  When I am different from them it is a compliment and testament to the level of friendship I feel or how at ease I am with myself.  I find that being who  I am no matter what makes others feel free to be themselves around me.


~ by adjoapacheco on March 2, 2010.

8 Responses to “The lamps”

  1. I really like this….. I as well have things in my life that are completely different yet they compliment one another. I look at them as representations of my husband and I as individuals as as one.

    • Rona, you feel me then!
      It is not until you see the difference that you can truly appreciate the similarity. Thank you for stopping by. Come back asap. I like talking with people who get me.

  2. Your post comes in good time because of the simple acknowledgment that the lamps are quiet but shouting. Although it was only a sub-point, it stands out to me the most. We all have something to say…God brings us those who want to hear it. We don’t have to SHOUT to “shout.” This is what I went to sleep thinking about last night…thanks lady!!! Timing is everything!

    • Kendra, thank you for coming by.
      I am glad you like the lamps blog. I enjoyed writing it. I woke up this morning and started thinking how can I say something that I live, in a way people would understand. I saw the lamps in the room and went from there. I too believe that God brings us people that want to hear what we have to say, I am liking this blog because it is a way of getting my voice heard and letting others share their own words. This is a way of having a conversation.

  3. I eventually will write about other sports, however an espn expert told me to stick with 1 subject to start out with and get really good at writing about that subject. For now I am sticking with the Cavs but keep checking up I might have something new once in a while.

    • You came back Hip hip hooray. Thank you for that. I will continue to read your blog because I guess the Cavs are a good starting point to talk sports with my son. Also I want to see how you continue to grow as you blog. I like seeing people become more talented in their work. Maybe one day some one will be calling you the expert that gave them advice

  4. Do you have a photo of your lamps? They “sound” great be they shouting or silent. When people compliment each other they need to often remember to stay focused on the fact that their differences, the princeiple of “my strength to your weakness and visa versa” is the cornerstone to the relationship, and their biggest strength. Working together as a team doesn’t mean working in duplication, it means both putting in maximum effort: no matter what shape that takes. Great Post, Thanks! 🙂

    • I did not have a picture until today. I took a picture and will post it on the blog later today. Thank you for reading The Lamps. I hope you found it enjoyable. I have often heard that a relationship is 50/50 but as you stated the maximum effort, 100% by both teammates is what it takes to make the relationship stay strong. I am glad to have been able to connect with you. Again thank you for stopping by and come back again soon. Adjoa

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