be happy

Woke up this morning feeling groggy and alone

Its Saturday my Sabbath but something is quite wrong

The worship music of my youth does not feel the air

The clapping shouting praising I don’t here anywhere

I want to bow my head to pray and yet I simply can’t

I have no church I call my own No place to holy dance

The churches i see around cause my heart to sigh

I find no gospel there only sad looking eyes

Is God still on his throne or did he take a break

Does he know how I miss his Sabbath kiss the time when I wake

Does God look at his churches and ask, why so glum?

For when I entered into one church this question asked my son

I had no answer for him not one that made much sense

So I stood quickly and ran from this offense

What offense I hear you say and I will tell you this\

If church is an unhappy place I will gladly split the fence

The heathens look so happy on there way to hell

But in our churches the sad faces make it harder for me to tell

I want to find a church where the light does always shine

And Jesus love and grace are the happy thoughts in mind

I know that life is hard and sometimes gets you down

But when I come to church for my son’s sake please don’t wear a frown


~ by adjoapacheco on March 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “be happy”

  1. 🙂

    • The first person to look at my blog and comment. I should have known it would be you. You are one of the people that helped me tap into my peaceful chaotic noisy world. Thank you for being my friend when I didn’t have one and still staying loyal to that friendship.

  2. This is where you can be you, good job, let the world experience the chaotic yet harmonious world of you 🙂 Great job

    • Thank you Bobby. I am glad that you know my world is chaotic and harmonious at the same time. It took me a while to realize the two can and do exist side by side. Now that I know I feel a sense of purpose.

  3. Hattie,
    You’re a true minister. Keep it up. You have a gift of ministering in a unique way that you can’t find anywhere else. I appreciate your gift. You have a true gift of ministering in writing. You should write a book(s) to leave it for those who will follow after us and for those now. Become an author; you would be extremely successful! I read all your blogs you posted today–every word and there was nothing for me to skim through or skim over; every word held me that you posted today and I find nothing I disagreed with but agreed and appreciate 100%. Excellent work!!!!!! A gift only from our Father. I thank God for you. If you write a book(s) I would make it a definite requirement for all my children or my child to read. Please consider that and make it a goal. I would be one of the first to buy it.

    Of course you writing does not surprise me. This is just you and you express yourself in writing like forever even if you are the only one reading it. lol Now I beg you to set a goal to go make money off of it and bless the world with your beautiful gift. Go ye into all the nation…:) Thanks for sharing!
    Much love,

    • Thank Nordia,
      I appreciate you coming by and reading the blog. I to feel that I have a ministry and this blog is my way of getting my ideas down so that I can sort through them and figure out exactly what I am supposed to do. Thank you again for your encouragement check back often for there will be new post daily

  4. Really good poem

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